Don’t let the tiniest problem escape your notice. Remember: little brooks grow into mighty rivers

(Katsuyoshi Ishihara)

Clients have a significant role in the quality management system model of PRISM Consulting Srl, and the constant monitoring of their satisfaction involves evaluating information regarding their perception of the Company’s ability to meet their requirements


PRISM Consulting S.r.l. operates, thus, respecting UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Certification in the following fields of application: “Design and delivery of vocational training and management consultancy services. Design and provision of career guidance, vocational and managerial training services. Design of multimedia products and delivery of distance training courses using multimedia tools.”

Setting up and adopting a quality management system according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 international standard requirements, means having:


  • clearly defined roles and responsibilities,

  • identified and adopted tools to improve work processes,

  • optimized resources available,

  • selected suitable personnel,

  • overseen relationships with suppliers,

  • offered quality products and services on the market,

  • guaranteed customers a product/service that complies with their requirements

In the education sector, PRISM Consulting Srl takes the concept of quality as a reference guide to implement activities, following a multi-dimensional approach in accordance with the following principles:

  • quality of learning outcomes, whose governance ensures the adequacy and compliance of training products/services delivered to the real needs of users (learners);

  • quality of processes, to guarantee a training product that complies with defined, acknowledged standards identifying clear, achievable, measurable, and appropriate learning outcomes that can be transferred to users’ work places in their professional tasks;

  • quality of facilities, in terms of locations that meet safety requirements, are suitable for teaching with respect to the learning objectives of different training programmes;

  • quality of human resources, with appropriate professional skills to oversee processes and the quality of the training product/service provided

PRISM Consulting S.r.l. has adopted its own Organisational, Management and Control Model according to Decree Law 231/2001. In order to inform all those who, for whatever reason, cooperate with the Company or have relationships with as to the set of business values and rules that must guide their behaviour and actions, please find available for consultation the General Part of the Model and the Code of Ethics.