The “Chòra” platform allows you to create and manage interactive solutions that adopt Holograms, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), to provide to the end user, through the use of different devices, informative, technical or promotional contents, etc., customized by type of client company (Manufacturing, Craft, Service, Food, Fashion, culture, tourism, Life Style, Beauty, Luxury and more).

The “Chòra” platform is able to:


  • support the evolution of the culture of “corporate communication” by Professionals/Managers of SME clients (Marketing/Brand Managers, Strategic Planners, Creatives, Marketing Consultants, Copywriters, PR Managers, HR Managers, Content Managers, Press Officers), to in order to promote the image and value of services, products and brands
  • apply “corporate storytelling” techniques, integrated with VR and AR solutions, for the creation of film and/or audio-visual products, to narrate the who, the how and the why of a product/service, recalling the values of Brand Identity and Brand Image
  • enrich the view observed with additional digital information or complex 3D graphics content, so that the user can see virtual objects from multiple points of view and/or move them spatially and/or interact with them. This includes but is not limited to:
    • the creation of AR solutions to allow the final consumer of a company to understand what a package contains without opening it, providing informative documentation (videos, technical data sheets, photographic images, etc.) on the product included, how it works, on its characteristic aspects, etc.
    • the animation of a flyer/catalogue/poster, allowing the final consumer of a company to have, in relation to each selected object, a series of additional information (for example: framing a television, it is as if the user is in front of the real object and can have information regarding size, types of input, accessories, etc.)
    • remote assistance on the assembly of machinery, tools and furnishings, or the control of parts of an engine or a hydraulic, electric or gas system, providing detailed information, shown in overlay, with respect to each individual part on which checks/interventions need to be made, or video tutorials that show how a technician should correctly carry out intervention procedures on the machinery.
  • capitalize on the company assets, conveying stories, values, symbols, products, production processes of the relative Know How. In particular, this can be done through the realization of
    • Interactive Videos, which allow the interruption of linear use thanks to the presence of links, made visible by hotspots (areas that are sensitive to the pointing system) that appear superimposed on the images for a few seconds, allowing viewers of the film to transform from passive to active and reflective viewers who can freely decide both their differentiated usage path, and to further investigate the topics proposed by accessing the resources available (other videos, documentation in various formats – doc, pdf, xlsx, jpeg / png – link to portals, audio files, etc.)
    • Corporate digital museums, with the reconstruction in VR and AR of the places that express the corporate heritage, providing organized transmedia content (texts, images, audio files, film clips, animations, etc.) to be used not only on different devices (PC, Smartphone, Tablet), but also through fixed/mobile touch screen stations.
    • promote and valorise the cultural heritage, also with a view to accelerating tourism, allowing people to experience emotional events, transforming cultural usage into a multidimensional adventure, also thanks to the application of technologies capable of transforming commonly used objects into sensitive “intelligent” objects, which interact with the user in the most natural way possible. By way of example, including but not limited to, the possibility of communicating important information to visitors of museums and/or citizens who use the services of public administrations, through a series of objects that can speak and materialize in 3D with all their vitality.

The workstation, once the diverse contents have been assembled, also produced in AR and/or in VR, customized for each client company (foreseeing, for example, the possibility of inserting logos, contacts, main active social networks, website, etc.), will make them available according to what is agreed with the client company, allowing visualization through:


  • Downloadable apps on Smartphone and Tablet for IOS and Android
  • Web Apps in Html5 format
  • Solutions installed on Interactive Touch Tables and/or Touch Walls and/or Projection Screens equipped with Overlay Multi-Touch or Touch Foil interactive frames

The “Chòra” platform also interacts with the Microsoft HoloLens system, a viewer with infinite potential that allows users, when wearing them, to enjoy a unique experience, based on immersion in the use of content. The HoloLens system allows you to perfectly centre the holograms that will appear on the viewer and map the surrounding environment, using four separate cameras (two on each side).

Thanks to three fundamental movements it is possible: with your eye to point to objects, with a click of your index finger to select them, with some hand gestures to call up the main menu by exiting any previously opened application, in a very simple and intuitive way.


Interaction with the Microsoft Hololens system makes it possible to create solutions:

  • for businesses

with particular reference to manufacturing companies, thanks to which users will see 3D objects appear around them (each object can undergo a 360 degree revolution by users), which they can click on to view the description.

Users can also choose a category from those provided by the system, a condition that will facilitate navigation of the various functions provided.

  • for Museums, foreseeing:
  1. the simple and intuitive vision of a map that indicates where the works and services are.
  2. the creation of a catalogue of all the works on display, divided by Artist, historical period and artistic movement. The works visually communicate their description and the technique used.
  3. the possibility of creating a personalized virtual path, selecting the works and the historical period, in order to highlight the best visit route.

The system also has a demo solution, created, for demonstration only, to show the client company what can be achieved with the features available. In particular, a Dynamic Manual is shown, created to show the assembly of several pieces, with its description and interactivity. This will allow users to assemble the product following the instructions provided in real time.


In addition, the manual has:

  • The Operational Test, to make you position pieces, without having any instructions available, in order to test the user’s mental flexibility and learning speed.
  • Gaming, with the system allocating points to users, who will thus increase their “Status Bar”, the advancement of which involves prizes, promotions, etc.

The demonstration demo will allow the client company/organization to understand the value of the product that can be made, in order to provide the technical and/or cultural specifications necessary to design an ad hoc solution, usable through the viewer, in line with the company production process and/or the museum dimension that is object of the intervention.