… so I figure if the entire world is a big machine, I have to be here for some reason. And that means you have to be here for some reason, too!

(Dal film “Hugo Cabret”)

Our headquarters

Prism Consulting S.r.l. has its headquarters in Avellino, at Collina Liguorini, Centro della Banca della Campania Direzionale in Conform Scarl offices

In a barycentric position with respect to the Universities of Naples, Salerno and Benevento, Prism S.r.l is easily accessible from every part of Italy and only 40 km from Naples International Airport

An efficient bus service operates daily from  Naples Central Station to Avellino

For those who would like to come by car, it is just 5 km from the Napoli – Bari motorway exit and the Avellino – Salerno motorway and is less than 1 km from Mercogliano – Avellino – Pratola Variante Est

Our offices in Italy


Sede Legale e operativa
Collina Liguorini snc – 83100 Avellino


Sede operativa
Piazza Virgilio Bardella, 12 – 35131 Padova

The territory

Irpinia is a historical and geographical region of central Campania, which today consists mainly of the province of Avellino.

Between the ridge of the Picentine mountains to the west, and the main chain of the Campania Apennines in the east, once upon a time it covered a wider area than today, going north in the direction of the adjacent province of Benevento, which is also mountainous.

The heart of Irpinia is the massif of Mount Cervialto (1809 m), the highest peak of the Picentini, which comprise a hydrographic basin: tributaries of several rivers that flow into the Adriatic Sea, such as the Ofanto, or into the Sea Tyrrhenian Sea, such as the Calore, the main tributary of the Volturno have their source here.

Irpinia is an ideal place to spend a weekend in contact with nature, art, traditions, food and wine, at any time of the year, because every season offers a special charm. An authentic paradise of green tourism, that you can discover walking in the valleys and mountains or through the villages rich in art and history, all rediscovering ancient traditions and tasting the rich wine and food resources