Prism Consulting S.r.l. uses Tool Sets able to create and manage Virtual Sets live or in post-production, with the adoption of 3D and Augmented Reality solutions which, thanks to patented TrackFree technology, allows it to manage the projection and monitoring methods of hands and feet and 3D positioning.

All this is possible thanks to the chroma key technique that allows the combination of two video sources, using a particular colour (precisely the chroma key) to signal to the video mixer which source to use at a given time.


It is then used to shoot the object that must appear in the foreground in front of a coloured background with a particular shade of blue or green. The foreground images are then shot in studios called “blue rooms” or “green rooms” (depending on the background colour), which have the walls and the floor coloured with the specific blue or green colour for the chroma key, with the corners of the walls connected to avoid shadows and to allow a particularly accurate lighting, to avoid shadows or reflections that could interfere with the correct measurement of the background colour. The subject filmed will appear in the foreground, while the blue (or green) background of the foreground image will be replaced by the background image; (e.g.: the final image generated will show the subject filmed in a virtual studio generated in “Computer Graphics”).

The chroma key technique has spread especially in the cinema for those films full of digital special effects, but it is spreading practically everywhere, even in unexpected scenes and above all in television. Today, numerous TV shows use this expedient to allow the creation of various programs thanks to the use of increasingly advanced software that allows virtual solutions in real-time, 3D and Augmented Reality.
The use of the “virtual studio” allows you to create television broadcasts in which it is possible to set the presenter and other objects filmed in reality in a virtual space generated in “Computer Graphics“. At the same time, it is also possible to carry out the opposite, by inserting virtual fantasy objects in a real frame.


Thanks to the Chroma Key Lab it will be possible to insert:


  • subjects or objects shot in the studio, in a real environment shot elsewhere;
  • virtual objects in real scenes;
  • real objects in a virtual environment (for example: in a television program the presenter is filmed in the “green room” and then inserted in a virtual environment generated in “Computer Graphics”; in films, a model of the real object is filmed and then it is inserted in a virtual environment generated in CG);
  • virtual objects in virtual environments (e.g.: animated films are generated by assembling objects and backgrounds generated in CG and rendered separately).

The immediately noticeable operational advantage is that of the extreme flexibility that this system guarantees in productions, not only to show a series of extremely advanced technologies, but also to capture the attention of the public while considerably reducing production costs.

Thanks to the combination of Chroma Keying and cutting-edge software, Prism can guarantee, in the creation of scenes produced inside the studio (both for the production of films and television programs), the integration of advanced features such as:

  • Video Tracking
  • Teletrasporter
  • Interaction of talent with 3D elements
  • Augmented reality objects
  • HandsTracking
  • FreeWalking